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Update time!

Ok, so we're due for an update, or, over due, depending on how nitpicky you want to be with the crazy pregnant lady... any takers? No? Ok then :)

So, here are some pictures, along with short explanations.  They include our trip to the Hard Rock Cafe, some belly pictures, a picture of our wild parakeets, and some pictures of the baby's accumulating pile. 

Picture Post 2

27 weeks profile 27 weeks profile
27 weeks covered 27 weeks covered
27 weeks frontal 27 weeks frontal
27 weeks profile again 27 weeks profile again
Baby quilt Baby quilt
This is the little one's quilt, the only theme thing we've gotten so far
24 weeks kiss 24 weeks kiss

Picture Post 1

22 Weeks profile 22 weeks
22 Weeks profile
You guys know the drill by now :)
22 weeks
22 weeks profile 24 weeks covered
22 weeks profile
24 weeks covered
24 weeks angled 24 weeks frontal
24 weeks angled
24 weeks frontal
24 weeks profile 25 weeks angle
24 weeks profile
25 weeks angle
25 weeks new swimsuit Emily and Rian 25 weeks
25 weeks new swimsuit
Emily and Rian 25 weeks


Ok, so I really am trying to be better about updating here, especially with so much going on with the pregnancy. Our little man has been kicking ALOT this past week, he's definitly making his presence known! Also, the due date is coming up very quickly, June 14th is actually only 19 weeks (or 131 days to be precise) away, so it's time to really start getting ready! We've bought a few outfits already for the 0-3 month age, and one or two little newborn things so far. We've also gone ahead and set up a registry at Toys R Us if anyone was interested in that, I do know a few people have asked, so there it is. Obviously it's under Emily and Rian Conroy, or you can search under either of the grandmothers, however, you won't be able to search under my dad's name, because according to Toys R Us, the baby is only allowed to have two grandparents! You'll notice on there a decided lack of actual nursery items, which is due to the fact that we won't be setting up a nursery. We'll be using a pack n' play with a bassinet setting, and he'll be bunking in with us until we're ready to move back to the mainland. We're looking forward to setting him up his very own big boy room once we're in a house though, so we'll get to do alot of decorating there. We also really haven't chosen a theme, but have naturally gravitated towards ocean animals (which is really a no brainer with me as his mom!) and the softer colored jungle themes.

Really that's all that's going on this week, so I'll leave you guys with some pictures. I have a doctor's appointment on the 13th, so I'll make sure to update then!

Wow, so much to update on!  I'm pretty much just going to put the pictures and a short description.  I apologize in advance for the massive amount, and for the blurriness of some!

That's all for now everyone, and I hope you enjoyed the pictures! 

A big picture post

Ok, so mostly I'm just going to upload the pictures and let you guess at the stories

October update

Ok, so first an update of what's already happened: Nothing much really, we got a kitten at the humane society last week, here are some pictures. Introducing Spooky:

That's really all that's happened in the last month, but here's some stuff that's happening this month: As you all know, October is one of my favorite (but busiest!) months, and it's just the gateway into more busy months. Starting with...

October 5th: decorating the house for Halloween. We don't have much stuff (not nearly what we have in Panama City anyway) but it'll still be nice to have a few things up.

October 16th: Hooray for my birthday! I'm very excited, even though we probably won't do anything more thrilling than dinner and cake. We are thinking of renting a kayak and going out on Kaneohe Bay if I'm not working though. I already have my birthday present which is...

October 17th: We're going to The Lion King! Again, extremely exciting, I'm literally bouncing up and down each time it gets brought up. I will have to go buy an appropriate dress for the theater though.

October 29th: Happy Anniversary! It's been two years since our wedding, and to celebrate, we're going to go to the water park and then out to dinner.

And of course, finally, on the 31st is Halloween. I'm working that day, so I won't be able to do much in the way of celebration, but we might go to one of the festivals the weekend before.

After Halloween comes literally, a whirlwind of gift shopping, and wrapping, and packaging, and decorating, and everything else, all fit around Rian's 12 hour a day, 6 day work weeks, but we should be able to carve out some time for fun. I already have most of the gifts chosen, and a schedule for buying them, so hopefully (I said hopefully, not definitly, so don't get too excited) presents will be on time this year. I also still have the Christmas cards that you all never got last year, so I can start filling those out soon. Nobody is allowed to move between now and Christmas by the way :).

Anyway, I think that's all for now

Bonus midweek update

Mountains across bayKaneohe Bay
Mountains across bay

Kaneohe Bay

Here you can really see the colors in the bay depicting the depth of the water. It's absolutely stunning to come around the curve and be greeted with this.
Cliffs on East OahuMountains through the mist
Cliffs on East Oahu

Mountains through the mist

Sunshine on mountainsMore mountains
Sunshine on mountains

More mountains

Cliffs on East OahuMore cliffs
Cliffs on East Oahu

More cliffs

Stairway to Heaven 
Stairway to Heaven

If you look closely, you can see a very narrow line leading diagonally up the mountain. This is the ultimate hike on Oahu, known as The Stairway to Heaven. Right now it's closed down due to some safety and zoning questions, but we really hope it's back open before we leave. It ascends roughly 2500 feet straight up the side of the cliff, and is a narrow one person staircase the entire way.


The much anticipated beach pictures

 So, I know it's been a while, and I promised pictures before now, but unless you wanted more pictures of the house, or some of the mall, it's definitly better this way :P.   So to start, a quick update on life in general.  Rian's still working nights, in fact, he's getting ready to go into "season" which means I pretty much won't see him for the next 4 months!  Season for supervisors means 12 hour shifts minimum, 6 days a week, but at least the paychecks will be nice.  In the realm of paychecks, I'm also getting ready to start working full time, which I'm really excited about.  I'm a known workaholic, so 15 hours a week has been a bit chafing.  It's been nice to have time to myself, but I'm definitly ready for more challenges.  By the way, congratulations on your job Jackie!  I've also started a new workout regime, which seems to be going pretty well.  This is my 3rd week on it, and it's nice to be back on regularly scheduled exercise.  Right now it's nothing major, pilates, running for 30 minutes, and a 30-45 minute walk, and resistance training 3 days a week (not all on the same days though!) And then yoga every night before bed.  I hope to add more in as time goes on, but I figured it's best to start slow.  
Today we went to the beach, and FINALLY took some pictures!  The beach we're at is Waimea Bay beach park, and it's really beautiful.  The colors today weren't as stunning as normal, because it was a bit on the cloudy side, but it was still nice.  The sad part is we only have a couple more chances to get up to this beach, because it's on the North Shore, so the surf will start picking up quite a bit soon.  Anyway, the pictures are mostly self explanatory, so I'll just stick them up here without a running commentary.  

Oh, also, due to the obscenely long shipping time... we are starting our Christmas shopping in 2 weeks.  If you are on my list and don't send me a wish list by then, you risk getting a $2 t-shirt and a coconut.  I'm seriously not kidding this year people.  Lists, por favor.  You're all insanely difficult to shop for, and I know where the coconut stand is at the swap meet! :P  

Anyway, that's really all for now, I have a plan that involves more pictures next weekend, and if you're really really good, maybe the weekend after that. 

Day 388, in which we discuss pineapples

Yes folks, that's right, it's been that long since we left Panama City, and we're just shy of a year (19 more days!) for time spent in Hawaii.  As you can probably guess from the title of the post, we did indeed make good on our promise (or was it a threat?) to visit the Dole Plantation and post pictures.  We visited the plantation today, and we really had alot of fun.  It was a bit on the hot side (and of course it was a flat out tourist trap) but we had a good time.  Anyway, without further ado....